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Deck Equipment and Boarding Devices

LYDEA is a cluster of 3 French companies - ACEBI, Jallais and SA2EI - which have pooled their know-how and their abilities to develop an innovative range of deck equipment and boarding devices especially dedicated to mega and super yachts.

Our goal is to propose to yacht builders and owners, the best they can expect, in terms of reliability, safety and look.

Using the synergies created by this association, our 3 companies are able to design and produce carbon fibre equipment, such as the stern passerelle, carbon swim ladder, sea ladder and accomodation ladder.

LYDEA is distributed by ACEBI Yacht Division

Inside the LYDEA cluster ACEBI Yacht Division is in charge of the commercial and project management.


You need efficient, reliable, long lasting, low weight and low energy consumption solutions. LYDEA’s strength in this field comes from its experienced and multidisciplinary team of skilled engineers, working on CAD systems such as Catia, Autocad and Solidworks 3D. Our material know-how comes from the aeronautical industry.

We have adapted knowlege the to the yacht industry in order to find innovative solutions quickly and efficiently.

LYDEA range

Deck equipment must comply with the highest quality standards. We have developed a new range of products made in carbon fibre. Our catalogue is composed of standard equipment which can be customized to your yacht.

Electric activation replaces the hydraulic to avoid blotching the teak.

lydea yacht deck equipment


SA2EI was created in 1984 and joined the Garos Group in 2001. This holding company is specialized in the manufacturing of load sensor, the automatic development and the conception and manufacturing of electronic cards.

SA2EI is skilled of the design and the production of automatic machines, electrical panels, ATEX electrical boxes and electric wiring for the naval construction. SA2EI also carries out the programming of automation system and can intervene on board for test, commissionning, maintenance, training or for repair.

SA2EI task in LYDEA

Inside the LYDEA cluster SA2EI is in charge of the electric, automatic machines and activation parts.

SA2EI marine references

Offshore platforms: Aker, Winner, Amethyst, Petrobras

Cruise ship: Queen Mary II, Splendor of the Sea, Sovereign of the Sea

Yachts: Dubaï, Kogo, Heloval, Commuter 155, Abu-Dhabi Mar project

Navy ship: Bravo, La Fayette, Delta Singapore Frigates, Indian Frigates, Charles De Gaulle aicraft carrier.


ACEBI Yacht Division

With a 40 years experience in yacht building, and the construction of over 4000 marine equipment, ACEBI is a well known specialist of SOLAS equipement.

Worldwide, the demand for greater yacht lenght is increasing, and with it, quality and safety requirements. In 2003, ACEBI supplied all the deck equipment for the M/Y Dubaï (the biggest private yacht until 2010). Following this success, and other yacht order (Kogo, Heloval, SS Delphine), ACEBI has structured its activity to offer the best for your project.

ACEBI Yacht Division has a specific team specialized in luxury yacht deck equipment supply.

ACEBI Yacht Division task in LYDEA

Inside the LYDEA cluster ACEBI Yacht Division is in charge of the commercial and project management.

ACEBI engineering department supports the LYDEA team in working to find the best solution for your project.



Jallais company was created in 1878. Its skill in composites materials ensures an industrial approach through a large array of services from the design studies, programing up to the production in series. The company has a great expertise in composites manufacturing processes like RTM, prepregs, liquid resin infusion.

Jallais is a subcontractor of a lot of aeronautic company like Airbus, Aerospatial, Thales, etc...

The Jallais know how is at your service to develop the best equipment you need.

Jallais task in LYDEA

Inside the LYDEA cluster Jallais is in charge of the studies and manufacturing of the equipment. Its skill of composites is especialy useful.

Jallais marine references

Yachts: Dubaï, Kogo, Abu-Dhabi Mar project

Cruise ship: Splendor of the Sea, Sovereign of the Sea, Millenium serie, Paul Gauguin

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